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Venthan, also known as Ven to his friends, has been in the industry for the past 30+ years and has overseen thousands of Christian funerals. You can always count on his vast experience and knowledge in the funeral industry. You can rest assured that your funeral will be conducted smoothly and in a dignified manner. Ven is your one person to contact for all your funeral needs and matters, with the guarantee that he will take care of everything. Ven is aware that the funeral landscape in Singapore has rapidly changed and will always strive to upkeep your expectations.

Ven can be contacted anytime at +65 8254 1441

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Vincent, with his experience of over a decade in the industry, has followed in his father’s footsteps. Learning from his father, he incorporates modern solutions to modern problems while respecting traditional values and expectations. Always finding new and better ways to conduct funerals, Vincent believes that just like in every service industry, services should continue to evolve with time. If you have any special requests for your bereavement to make it just a bit more personal, Vincent is the man to go to.

Vincent can be contacted anytime at +65 9770 8444

Our Customers Leave Satisfied. Always.

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About Us


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A Team That Understands

Ven (2nd from left) and Vincent (2nd from right) are the Father-Son Duo that began this venture, with the singular goal of easing the process of grief and final goodbyes for all that have lost kin. Our family is our business, and our business is family. When you walk through our doors, we welcome you as brethren, and embrace your loss as our own.

Best Christian Funeral Services

We provide arrangements for all funeral needs

Unlike other funeral service providers, our basic package ONLY contains the absolute necessities for any bereavement process, so as to avoid unnecessary price bloat. Should you require additional services not included in the basic package, those can be easily added on at reasonable price points catered to you.

Arrange your loved one's departure they way they would have wished it

Unsure of how their rest should look or how to arrange flowers and other paraphernalia? Talk to us and we will help you come to the best decision with regards to achieving the ideal look and ambience for your bereavement. This consultation will be stress-free and free of charge.

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Affordable Funeral Services

Record your farewells

A common desire among the grieving of the 21st century is to record the moments in which goodbyes are offered to the dearly departed. We have witnessed and prepared for this trend, and are able to provide professional videography and photography services in-house at your request.


Contact us today to discuss a solution personalised for and catered to your every need.